• ISMS BulkSMS Platform

    Crystaline Technlogies is the most reliable, easiest to use SMS Marketing platform available anywhere. Please login to Start your SMS Marketing campaign.

  • Mobile Marketing

    Advertising is ubiquitous, inescapable, and prone to failure, but at the zero moment of truth, it's the device in your pocket that wins. No wonder nearly two-thirds of consumers who allow marketers to reach them via their mobile phones confess they've made purchases because of the highly relevant messages they've received on their devices.

  • Info Direct to your Mobile

    Reach more customers everywhere with location-specific relevance, without worrying about whether there's Internet access, two-way SMS communications provides contests, quizzes, and promotional deals where speed is of the essence and immediate interaction from the customer is the key to success.


App Development

Interested in mobile, desktop,web development and design , we have the talent you need

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Innov8 Isms Platform

Mission-critical, secure SMS messaging requires the best balance of coverage, reliability, speed, and scalability from a single provider.

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Use our Bulk messaging facility and make loads of cash..

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What’s in the box?

Did you know that an SMS is fast becoming the most effective marketing tool in the world?

Take advantage of our special offers and send a special message to your valuable customer's this coming Holiday.

Dynamic sender ID: Specify the sender ID for each message (numeric, alphanumeric, or short code), and our network does the rest, identifying and adapting sender IDs for delivery.


Pick your preference: REST xml, SMPP v3.4, or HTTP

YES Build your own database and send group messages to the people you want to reach”